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EnterMedia offers locally installed, cloud based, and hybrid options for the learning media database. The solution is open source, secure, scalable and includes a robust API for unlimited customization. Our University DAM was designed and built specifically for higher education and social outreach programs.

Live Streaming via Wowza was developed so that remote students could attend classroom lectures withing the University DAM. Students and faculty can be automatically linked to their media, based on enrollment information already stored in Active Directory. Controlled vocabulary can be enforced to keep labeling consistent. Custom modules for courses, contacts, or other parallel databases can be used to create relationships between assets, control how they are used, and determine who is involved with them.

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Classroom and training videos can be viewed directly within the application. Custom transcoding tools are built in, and can be used to create high definition or mobile friendly versions. Document assets can be viewed page by page, even up to hundreds of pages. Audio files can be played directly from a table or gallery view. All media can be downloaded, published to web locations such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, AmazonS3, YouTube, etc.. The University DAM will includes all of the standard features of EnterMedia with emphasis on support and utilization of those most popular among education providers.

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EnterMedia’s open source University DAM comes with powerful search options, robust metadata management and granular permission controls. Test out the features and collaboration tools on our demo site!

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The LearningMediaDB University DAM is fully customizable. Powerful search tools and features catered to the needs of Higher Ed. make assets easy to find, edit and organize.

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EnterMedia has been in business since early 2000. In that time, we have developed several niche products for specific markets. The University DAM product is a result of our contagious passion for media management within Higher Education. The code supports an impressive collection of standard tools and cutting edge features. Many of these have been inspired by, and build for the specific needs of students and educators.


  • Live Streaming capability vie Wowza integration
  • Moodle (Course Management) Integration (coming soon!)
  • WordPress, Drupal and Joomla CMS plugins
  • HTML5 Video Streaming,  Custom transcoding
  • Supports publishing to and hosting from YouTube and Vimeo
  • DropBox monitoring
  • Active Directory/ LDAP integration
  • Custom Database Modules – instructors, courses, etc..
  • Libraries, projects, collections and custom notifications
  • Annotations, image manipulation, watermarking, etc..

Selecting the right vendor is paramount to the success of a project. Schedule a professional tour of the product so you ask questions, get answers and see the application in action. See for yourself why so many professional developers and educational institutions trust EnterMedia to meet all of their University DAM needs.